Hey, Everyone! It’s Summer! My favorite season just because school ends and Mangoes are in town in India.tenor

Summer Vacation has begun and I was happy when I thought about it but now I’m bored. It hasn’t even been a week after school closed and I am SCHOOL SICK( Not sick of going to school but sick of not going to school).  People feel Homesick when they are away from home and I am sick because I’m away from School. It is not school and the lectures I am missing but it is the environment and the atmosphere with friends. I have been surfing the internet and checking out new things which keep me engaged for some time but I am restless and  BORED.
blogThat ain’t  me but I am feeling like that kid right now. I have been chatting with some of my friends but that doesn’t have that feeling which you get when you see them. I have a plan of going out this vacation at the end of May but there is a long time for that and I have no idea what I can do to feel better. Comment Down some suggestions and tips to get rid of School-Sickness. 




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