About Me

Hello, wonderful people on the internet!!

Established in April 2017 for teens, budding bloggers and people who want to explore life. Here you would be witnessing waves of awesomeness, loneliness, and humor from my experiences in life. This is the place where I am ‘myself’, where I  pour my squeezed and weird thoughts and ramble freely! I’ve been blogging from my bedroom and I enjoy every moment of typing.  

I am Kashyap broadly called Ketchup and a teen who stays in Chennai, India. I love learning, reading, eating and playing badminton (That doesn’t make me BAD). I have a passion for sports, music and I am obsessed with blogging. It makes me feel myself and I connect with you AWESOME people online. ⭐ Check out My Intro — Click Here

You can expect to read the unexpected in this blog! Hope you will like it. For getting Inspired, to laugh and smile 🙂 don’t forget to smash the Follow Button. 😉