Hi, World

Hello, everyone. I’ve started a blog! Yippee!

The first question that comes to your mind when you are reading this is


Yes, that’s me:).You can call me Ketchup. I’m a teenager who has squeezed emotions and feelings for everything, literally everything. All things from sitting on a chair to typing this blog.

I can be referred to as a nerd, bookworm, an avid quizzer and even a sports fanatic. And  I’ve also been affected with a passion for traveling.

And before I forget this is my First Blog. And this makes more me excited!

In this blog there will be all kinds of stuff a teen loves to do, think about and learn about.

Well, why blogging? I have mixed opinions, thoughts, and feelings for everything as I mentioned before. But it is really tough to write it on paper because I am lazy and it would hurt me. Moreover, I will be the only one to read it. Here I can type whatever I want to, whenever I want to and how I want to. I would like to share my thoughts with everyone. I will share my opinions through poems as well.  So this is the place for you!

Here, I will be typing under the pseudonym of ‘Ketchup’…

I will be encouraging suggestions, criticism, questions and ideas in the form of comments. I will try to have guest posting as well!  I would like to have a plentiful of people reading this blog with inputs on what I can improve and what I should continue doing. Through this, I hope people get motivated to follow their passion and dreams.

~x Ketchup x~


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