Who I Used To Be

Last year,

I felt like I was three or  four different people

I switched from one to another,

Like the seasons every three months,

Sometimes like a scared kitten, 

Passing into the next stage of life,

Becoming a thrall for all.

Like a ferocious lion, 

Doing what it wants to,

Moving away from others,

And set

Alone away from the bodies of stale meat.

He was ready to explore

And hit the marks and target,

But wasn’t ready to reveal who he was.

In times the confidence boosted

And the mind was set,

To fly and be himself. 

But pressure and ability

Brought him back

And he understood

The higher you are

Be ready,

To fall and rise again…










“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”

                                                         – Vernon Howard

Hey, Everyone!

Post-ivity is a series I have started to inspire and motivate you . It is a collection of my favourite quotes on positivity and many topics. 

Be Positive!


Hey, Everyone! It’s Summer! My favorite season just because school ends and Mangoes are in town in India.tenor

Summer Vacation has begun and I was happy when I thought about it but now I’m bored. It hasn’t even been a week after school closed and I am SCHOOL SICK( Not sick of going to school but sick of not going to school).  People feel Homesick when they are away from home and I am sick because I’m away from School. It is not school and the lectures I am missing but it is the environment and the atmosphere with friends. I have been surfing the internet and checking out new things which keep me engaged for some time but I am restless and  BORED.
blogThat ain’t  me but I am feeling like that kid right now. I have been chatting with some of my friends but that doesn’t have that feeling which you get when you see them. I have a plan of going out this vacation at the end of May but there is a long time for that and I have no idea what I can do to feel better. Comment Down some suggestions and tips to get rid of School-Sickness. 



Hi, World

Hello, everyone. I’ve started a blog! Yippee!

The first question that comes to your mind when you are reading this is


Yes, that’s me:).You can call me Ketchup. I’m a teenager who has squeezed emotions and feelings for everything, literally everything. All things from sitting on a chair to typing this blog.

I can be referred to as a nerd, bookworm, an avid quizzer and even a sports fanatic. And  I’ve also been affected with a passion for traveling.

And before I forget this is my First Blog. And this makes more me excited!

In this blog there will be all kinds of stuff a teen loves to do, think about and learn about.

Well, why blogging? I have mixed opinions, thoughts, and feelings for everything as I mentioned before. But it is really tough to write it on paper because I am lazy and it would hurt me. Moreover, I will be the only one to read it. Here I can type whatever I want to, whenever I want to and how I want to. I would like to share my thoughts with everyone. I will share my opinions through poems as well.  So this is the place for you!

Here, I will be typing under the pseudonym of ‘Ketchup’…

I will be encouraging suggestions, criticism, questions and ideas in the form of comments. I will try to have guest posting as well!  I would like to have a plentiful of people reading this blog with inputs on what I can improve and what I should continue doing. Through this, I hope people get motivated to follow their passion and dreams.

~x Ketchup x~